Brian Earhart


PC: Ryan Bringas


As a child, Brian’s imagination and creativity merged with his love for Frisbee to plant the seed that would drive him for the rest of his life. His first experience in our sport came when he (with the help from his amazing mother) would tape numbers to trees around his neighborhood to create an “object golf” course. His imagination ran wild and has not stopped since. Between his buttery smooth Zone flicks, light-hearted nature, and compassion for everything around him, Brian is overall one of the most spectacular individuals you’ll find in our sport. After nearly 15 years of disc golf experience, his most memorable moment came as a totality of the 2018 year being able to travel across the country to play and teach Disc Golf. During his travels he has seen absolutely breathtaking views and has connected with some of the most inspiring people along the way. Whether you’re joining one of his clinics, diving deep into Disc Golf talk, or getting beat at some obscure extreme sport you’re guaranteed to having your life improved with Brian around.

  • Favorite Course: Ozark Mountain
  • Favorite Disc: Discraft Zone
  • Other Sponsors:  Discraft Elite Team (Go buy a Zone and Buzz and thank Brian later)

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