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Inparcerated II

Inparcerated II

Another year has come and gone and we’ve served our time in prison…

 “It’s never too late to mend.”

 These words have echoed through me and this event since the very first time I realized that this was something that was engraved into the minds of those prisoners. 

 How do I begin to pay homage to this idea? To those guards and prisoners?

 The only way I know how, by spreading love, by taking something like disc golf which is built on love and putting it inside of those limestone walls. 

 This prison was a dark place, plain and simple. It was filled with a lot of people that had done a lot of terrible things. I’m sure it also housed people that had committed some not so terrible crimes or quite possibly innocent men and women. 

 I can’t help but to think of those people when I’m behind those walls. The ones who were trying to do their time and become better people. Maybe it’s the humanitarian in me but I have to believe that we’re not all bad. That maybe there were people that wanted to find a better path and change their lives. 

 Inparcerated is not only for the people who come out and play disc golf but also for the inmates that dreamt of a better life, a better way, to live outside those walls, to be free. I believe that the camaraderie and community that result from this event put positive energy back into a place that needs it most. 

 We were truly blessed with absolutely amazing weather this year. Mid 60s and Sunny both Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps it was the universe recognizing the love band-aid we are putting on that property. 

 We made some fun changes from last year’s course layout. There was 385ft added to the total length this year. Hole 3 was a 100ft shot through a double doorway inside the cafeteria where the inmates would eat. Speaking of which, there were 4 Aces hit between our 5 tee times. Hole 3 was hit three different times by Matt Balch, Annie Oldenburg and Tim Potter and Hole 11 was aced by lefty Kevin Derrick. 


Saturday 9:00am 

1st Place – Matt Balch of Cross Plains, WI (44)

2nd Place – David Piña of Cicero, IL (45) (Won the ctp playoff 4 way tie for 3rd)

3rd Place – Mike Fierke of Chicago, IL (45) (runner up ctp playoff 4 way tie for 3rd)


Aces from Saturday 9:00am – Matt Balch of Cross Plains, WI - Hole 3


Saturday 12:00pm

1st Place – Zach Finwall of Chicago Ridge, IL (43)(Won the CTP playoff for 1st)

2nd Place – Quentin Thorsen of Orland Park, IL (43)(runner up ctp playoff for 1st)

3rd Place – Rudy Villarreal of Elburn, IL (44)


Aces from Saturday 12:00pm – Annie Oldenburg of Silvis, IL - Hole 3


Saturday 3:00pm 

1st Place – Topher Schroeder of Germantown, WI (45)

2nd Place – KC Carlson of Battle Creek, MI (46)

3rd Place – Chris Deehan (aka Elmo) of Hanover Park, IL (47)


Aces from Saturday 3:00pm – Kevin Derrick of Chicago, IL – Hole 11


Sunday 9:00am

1st Place – Derek Green of Moscow Mills, MO (39) *Hot round for the entire event

2nd Place – Jon Carlson of Arlington Heights, IL (43)

3rd Place – Alberto Ochoa of Joliet, IL (45)(won ctp playoff 4 way tie for 3rd)


No Aces were hit during the Sunday 9:00 tee time


Sunday 12:00pm

1st Place – Matt Glista of Bartlett, IL (42)(Won ctp play off for 1st)

2nd Place – George Maltsiniotis of Montgomery, IL (42)(Runner up playoff for 1st)

3rd Place – David Olvera of Elgin, IL (44)


Aces from Sunday 12:00pm – Tim Potter of Joliet, IL – Hole 3


Thank you all so much for coming out and being a part of mending a dark place with all of our light. Special thanks to those who came from out of town. Andy Drace and Robert Baker came out just for this event from New Mexico. A group of 11 came in from Missouri with matching orange inmate shirts complete with PDGA numbers and all. Thank you to the locals that continue to be a part of our events. You guys are all amazing! 

 Thank you to the Old Joliet Prison Preservation Coalition for allowing us to come to this amazing, historical place and adding our page in its history books. 

 A HUGE thank you to Dynamic Disc for sponsoring the event and to Bobby “Cool Daddy Slick Breeze” Brown for coming all the way from Dynamic Disc headquarters in Emporia, Kansas to document the event. We cannot wait to see your perspective on our disc golf community. 

 Thank you to Lauren Lakeberg the Disc Golf Photographer for always giving your time to our events. Be sure to follow her on all social media outlets and check out her website to get on her mailing list to receive photos from all the events that she covers.  

Thank you to Pollyanna Brewing Company, Elder Brewing and Bull & Balance.

 A very special thanks to my wife, friends and other tournament staff with whom none of the things that we do are possible:

 Sheila Callahan, Leo and Paula Borowski, Thor Batchelor, Ryan Fancher, Mark Grabavoy, Joe Roppo, Steve Behrens, Nick Behrens and Pat Donnelly. 

 -Sean Callahan

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