Izak McDonald

Izak was born to throw a Frisbee, and throw it well! At a young age Paul Ulibarri gave him a disc, ever since he and the rest of his family have been enamored in Disc Golf. Even back then Izak knew one day he would become a World Champion but could not imagine the road he would take to get there. In 2015 Izak goes into the final hole of the final round of the Amateur Disc Golf World Championships with the lead to take two devastating OB penalties to lose the event. This would discourage even the best of competitors, however, for Izak this falls as the most memorable moment in his Disc Golf career for it lit a fire in him to push his passion and talent to new heights. One year later Izak earned his World Championship and is now a force to be reckoned with on each course he steps onto.

  • Favorite Course: The Canyons at Dellwood Park

  • Favorite Disc: Innova Star Rat

  • Other Sponsors: Innova, Boom

2019 Highlights

3rd - Battle at Bush Park

5th - Indiana State Doubles

3rd - Werk Force Brewing Open

4th - Highbridge Hills Open

15th - Lake Superior Open

8th - Forsyth Decatur Open

3rd - Channahon Classic