Live & Post Production

Ever since David Hopkins can remember, he's always enjoyed commentating. Whether it was pretending to be an MLB pitcher as he practiced pitching against his parents' garage or when he and his friends would play a pick up game of football, he was always announcing the play-by-play. He never really dreamed a career path would be paved in commentating but ever since the first time he went live and covered the King of the Canyons tournament it was realized it was something he could do, and do really well. Since then, Steve Rachan hopped on board and these two best friends blend sincerity with hilarious one-liners. They have a number of live and post-production videos under their belts and truly enjoy providing commentary to the local disc golf community and beyond.
They send a huge thank you to anyone that watches their content, without the fans none of this would be possible. Some of their Live videos can be found below, feel free to contact David or Steve for your disc golf Live coverage needs.
King of the Canyons  Clash the the Canyons Rd 1  Clash at the Canyons Rd 2 
Illinois States 2018  Jomez Pro Final 9 Philo/Barsby Doubles
It seems as if Ryan Nyc was born for video production, his effortless creativity and humble attitude is what makes him stand out in the local disc golf community, not to mention his smooth style of play. Ryan has put together a handful of post-production videos and he has proven his talent right off the bat. This guy does it all; filming, editing, graphics, and putting up with Steve and David during commentary. He will literally compete in the morning and hop on the camera to film cards in the afternoon,  we're not sure he sleeps. Also, he has produced the best In The Bag videos we have ever seen. Take a peek at some of his productions below.
If you're looking for a photographer/videographer, Ryan is your guy. Reach out to him and subscribe to his YouTube channel Nyc Productions