Steve Rachan

PC: Ryan Nyc


Roughly ten years ago at summer camp, Steve was introduced to "object golf" where he and his youth pastor threw DX Sharks at trees with numbers on them. Steve was a natural and quickly became hooked. Knowing there was more to the sport than throwing discs at trees, he found his first home course at The Oaks in Mokena and played there daily. One of his most memorable moments came when he aced hole number 27 at The Oaks during tournament play, he not only won $300 but also shot one of his highest rated rounds at 1027. Today, Steve is well known for the tournaments and leagues he runs in the greater Joliet disc golf scene. When he isn't running events or competing in them you can hear his voice in the live feed of local tournaments alongside David Hopkins and in post production commentary for NYC Productions. We dare you to challenge him on PDGA rules, he knows the book front to back. Our Team Dellwood Disc Golf captain...#inrachanwetrust

  • Favorite Course: Toboggan
  • Favorite Disc: 11x Eagle
  • Other Sponsors: Unstable Disc Golf Gear